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The Beatitudes Unit Study


"The Beatitudes are not only a map for Christian life, but are the secret to Jesus' heart itself."

-Jean-Claude Sagne


At the heart of Jesus' most important sermon lies the Beatitudes. In this unit study, you'll deep dive each Beatitude with your child(ren).

Ages 7-17 will enjoy the content, yet it can engage younger and older children, too. 

This study on the Beatitudes for children and teens teaches from beauty like sacred art, music, nature study, poetry, and story. Geography, etymology, and philosophy are woven throughout, and there is a constant emphasis on prayer and the sacramental life.

Here's what to expect:

  • 20 total lessons that can be done in 15 minutes each
  • Flexible schedule—you set the pace (many parents like to do 2 lessons/week)
  • A few introductory lessons about the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes
  • 2 lessons per Beatitude
  • A Saint profile for each Beatitude, looking to Saints of various times, vocations, and locations who exemplified that Beatitude 
  • Copywork of different levels in print and cursive for each Beatitude
  • Content that engages the mind, compels the heart, and bonds the family in Christ

With your purchase of one unit study, we will email you a PDF containing all the consumable pages (like coloring pages, copywork, activities, etc.) so you can print as many as you need for your children.

Designed by Mary Claire Scholl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pat Sullivan

An awesome study of Beatitudes, would be enhanced if there were an accompanied cd/dvd available.

Sarah Malone
Filling an Important Gap

This Unit Study of the Beatitudes is going to fill a critical gap in the education of my children! I didn’t even realize how truly important a deep dive was into the individual Beatitudes until the resource became available. I’ve just recently studied them more deeply myself and I’m excited to do so with children with such a lovely resource leading the way!!

Jessica McAfee

The Beatitudes Unit Study