*N E W* Level Three is here for your 7th-9th graders! *N E W* Level Three is here for your 7th-9th graders!

Every new thing learned about God is another reason to love Him.

“This is the only religion curricula that has worked for our family. It’s orthodox and engaging and makes my kids think critically about their Faith.”
- Colleen
“We are really loving the prayer, hymns, Scripture reading, art, and music weaved beautifully throughout Into the Deep!”
- Aleesa
“Catechizing my kids has just seemed like a mountain that I just didn’t know how I could possibly climb. This has just given me hope that I can actually do it and really given me a starting point!”
- Molly
Religion isn’t just another subject.

Religion isn’t just another subject.

We want our children to know about Jesus; we also want them to know Him.

And that requires a different kind of teaching — a teaching that’s alive and after the heart.

Our resources allow you to toss the textbooks while still stewarding your time and energy well.

While you:

1. Witness by your own prayer and walk with God

2. Live a sacramental life

3. Embrace the rhythm of the liturgical year

let us be the


that we pray will bolster and uphold your child’s faith.


    “I am telling you, we are already seeing the fruits.” -Maggie


    Words for Your Wonder…

      “The Daily Feast has made the biggest difference in our homeschool day. I am learning so much!”