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The Mass Unit Study [Imperfect]

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{PLEASE NOTE: This is marked "imperfect" as it has very slight damage to the covers.}


You want to build a legacy of faith in your home. You plant seeds with the hope of lasting fruit being born in the lives of your kids.

This legacy begins in the liturgy.

As Catholic parents, we have the great responsibility of catechizing our children, teaching them about the beauty of the Mass and our dependence upon the sacraments.

The Lord has given you the grace for this mission; our unique unit study on the Mass is here to help as you labor in the vineyard.

This resource has the Imprimatur from Bishop William Medley of the Diocese of Owensboro.

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If you want a systematic way to teach your children about the Mass and draw their hearts to Jesus in the sacrament, this unit study was made for you.

In this printed unit study, you'll get instant access to:

  • 100+ pages of open-and-go (no prep for you), rich content that explores the what's, why's, and how's of the Catholic Mass
  • Catechesis presented through beautiful music, poetry, sacred art, map work, history, nature study, copywork, and more
  • Inclusion of history, geography and map work, etymology, philosophy and more
  • Games and activities for kids of all ages to learn the rhythm and elements of the Mass
  • As many printed copies of the consumable pages as you need
  • A list of living books that further instruction on the Mass
  • A Scripture-heavy catechesis that teaches about the Mass in the full scope of Salvation History

This unit study can be used in whole-family catechesis, during Morning Time, or family devotional time. Ideal ages are 7-15!


Art + design by Mary Claire of 12th and Blossom.

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