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Catholic Picture Books for October

Catholic Picture Books for October

The temperature begins to dip, leaves start to fall, and we break out our sweaters. October is here! This month also offers a wide variety of feast days, including Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Pope Saint John Paul II, and Our Lady of the Rosary!


Catholic Picture Books for October

Check out the list below for Catholic picture books for October.


Saint Francis of Assisi by Tim Ludwig

This book follows the life of young Francesco Bernardone, better known as Francis of Assisi, from boyhood to sainthood.


Pray and Think Imaginative Rosary Book by Candace Camling

In honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, this book is not technically a picture book but is a wonderful interactive helpmate to praying the Rosary with young children.


Thérèse of Lisieux: Little Flower of Love by Barbara Yoffie 

Barbara Yoffie writes of one of our most beloved Saints in this book. Thérèse lives out her ‘little way’ in her day-to-day life, as a child and as a nun. 


The Story of Saint John Paul II: A Boy Who Became Pope by Fabiola Garza

Beautifully written and illustrated by Fabiola Garza, A Boy Who Become Pope is a biography on the life of Karol Wojtyla. Watch as he goes from boyhood to becoming one of the Church’s most beloved popes.


Teresa of Avila: Saint for the Eucharist by Barbara Yoffie


Also written by Barbara Yoffie, Saint for the Eucharist shows us the life of Saint Teresa of Avila, born to a wealthy family and later become a Carmelite nun.


Don’t Forget to Remember by Ellie Holcomb

In this touching board book, we are reminded how much God loves us.


Our Lady’s Wardrobe by Anthony DeStephano

This book highlights many of Our Lady’s appearances and details what dresses she wore each time, it is sure to be a family favorite!


The Man and the Vine by Jane G. Meyer

The Man and the Vine tells of a man with a vineyard, who plants, nurtures, and then harvests the grapes. Also includes aspects of the Eucharist and Holy Communion.


The Woman and the Wheat by Jane G. Meyer

Also written by Jane Meyer, The Woman and the Wheat follows a woman who grows, harvests, and bakes bread all while giving thanks to God.


The Clown of God by Tomie dePaola

This story takes us to the town of Sorrento, Italy. We see Giovanni, a young homeless boy perform tricks with his juggling balls and watch as he ages and people slowly lose interest in his old tricks.


Saint Therese: A First Book for Little Catholics by Father Gales 

This book recounts the life of Saint Therese's childhood and sainthood. 


Therese: The Little Flower of Lisieux by Sioux Berger 

The Little Flower of Lisieux tells of Saint Therese's early childhood with her loving family, as well as her later acceptance into the Carmelite nun's convent. 


Angels, Angels Everywhere by Tomie dePaola 

Written by beloved children's author Tomie dePaola, Angels Everywhere follows the life of 'everyday' angels as they go about their days. 


Saint Francis by Brian Wildsmith 

With beautiful illustrations, Brian Wildsmith writes of a young man who gave up his riches for rags


Brother Francis of Assisi by Tomie dePaola 

Brother Francis is a gentle man who lives a simple life with his animals. With Tomie dePaola's signature illustrations, your child will be sure to love this book. 


Clare and Francis by Guido Visconti 

Both Saints Clare and Francis were born into wealthy families but chose poverty over riches. Francis cared for animals as well as the sick and Clare assisted him. 


Francis Woke Up Early by Josephine Nobisso 

Francis Woke Up Early highlights a sweet moment from Saint Francis' childhood. 


Saint Francis and the Proud Crow by Bernadette Watts 

A proud crow asks for a gift from Saint Francis who gladly obliges. The crow learns a valuable lesson about envy and love. 


Canticle of the Sun by Saint Francis of Assisi 

One of the Church's most beloved hymns, Saint Francis praises the world God created. Illustrated by Fiona French, the artwork was inspired by Byzantine art. 


The Wonderful Life of Saint Sergius by Alvin Alexsi Currier 

Bartholomew was a sad little boy who couldn't read. One day he found a monk who helped him overcome his reading problem. Later, Bartholomew became a monk and changed his name to Sergius


Saint Jude: A Friend in Hard Times by Michael Aquilina 

A wonderful book for children, this teaches about going to Saint Jude during hard times in life. 


Lolek: The Boy Who Became Pope by Mary Hramiec Hoffman 

Lolek was a little boy who lived during World War II. After years of oppression and sadness, Lolek survived and strode on with his love of God glowing brightly inside him, inspiring many during his lifetime and even after passing away still inspiring people today. 


What are your favorite Catholic Picture Books for October? Drop them in the comments below! 



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